In the towing industry there are many companies to choose from. If you break down and need a tow or say you’ve slid off a snowy road into the ditch and need to be recovered out of it you’ll need help. To be honest anyone can come out and hook a chain on your vehicle and jerk it out or even just load it on a flat bed and chain it down. I’ve been towing and recovering vehicles for a little over 11 years now. I’ve done everything from changing a flat tire on a Prius to changing them on a semi. I’ve towed a moped one day and a semi-tractor & trailer the next. I’ve personally done semi rollovers and water recoveries and I can tell you right now that the biggest help I’ve had was good training!!

I’ve worked at Village Towing & Recovery for 11 years, I’ve owned it the last 3, and I’ve trained more faces than I can remember. The first thing I put into a new drivers head is to treat the customers car like it’s your own and even if the vehicle is a totaled out mess you treat it like it’s still in show room condition. For this reason our company has been sought out to tow cars worth $250,000.00 or more. And this is a reputation I like to keep. I train drivers for weeks before I allow them to haul a vehicle on their own. We practice recovery work in our yard with old cars for hours before they are allowed to go out and recover a customer vehicle by themselves. In my 11 years I’ve witnessed some very, shall we say, “sketchy” techniques in recovery work. I’ve even witnessed another company lose a car off their truck and run it into a building. This in my opinion is a failure in training. Many companies believe that “learning as you go” is an acceptable way of doing things. Unfortunately that is a very good way to damage a customer’s vehicle and cost yourself a lot of unnecessary expenses.

There are unforeseen circumstances that may arise and cause problems. Unfortunately human error is still a part of this equation, and equipment does break. There are things that are out of the control of doing your job correctly. But this is where being properly insured comes into play. There are companies that run without insurance and even some without the proper interstate authorities. These are all the things that we are required to have to make sure the public is being kept safe and properly serviced. Although to operate legally and safely it does cost more than to do it improperly. That is why a company that’s doing all of the legal requirements cost more than the other companies running illegally. This is a true case of “you get what you pay for”.

You pay good money for your vehicles. In many cases people spend a large sum of money on accessories and customization of their vehicles. Next to your house It’s the biggest purchase most people will make, so don’t trust your second greatest purchase to just anyone! Its amazing how we can show up with a $100,000 wrecker to tow your expensive car and charge, for example, $50.00 and we are crooks but if a plumber shows up at your house with his $500.00 clunker van and charges you $200.00 to unclog your toilet you think he is a hero. We at Village Towing & Recovery have devoted ourselves to making sure we take care of your vehicle like it’s our own with the newest trucks and equipment that we can purchase to jump-start, unlock, tire change, tow, flatbed, and recover your vehicles safely and effectively. We are proud of the job we do and the damage free way to do it! Big or small we haul’m all!!

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